Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thing 23-In Conclusion

Wow! Even though I tried to stick to things that I would personally enjoy; this was still a lot of work! I've been using the internet for about 12 years now. You start to think that you've pretty much got it down and you get lazy and complacent; sticking with the things you know and are comfortable with. I guess the main thing I take from this exercise is that you've always got room to learn-even when your trying to have fun.

Thing 17 MD Libraries Sandbox

Hopefully this link for Geoff's Blog works...


Thing 16-Wiki

I like the how those libraries set up the wikis. Almost like a public message board for the customers when they're not in the library. I would have no problem trusting that I'm getting solid information from a library wiki.

Things like Wikipedia, in particular, really tick me off however. It's basically the Wild West when it comes to posting information. I frequent a message board where people actually brag about how they post blatently false information on Wikipedia just to see how long it stays up there. Another problem is that you have no way of knowing that whoever is moderating the boards there has any credibility or knowledge of the subject. The moderators are anonymous; which means there's no accountablity for what the "facts" are.

Thing 22-Overdrive

I never have tried to get an audiobook before. BCPL uses Overdrive; so I looked through the catalog. I saw that they had downloadable videos (I did not know that!) So I saw a documentary video that I wanted to see and gave it a shot. It took more than a hour for the download to complete; but it works. For audiobooks, Overdrive us Windows Media Files which are not compatable with Ipods. So unless you want to go through the trouble of converting the files; you're stuck listening to your book on your computer.

Thing 21-Podcasts

Like I previously mentioned I'm a big fan of podcasts; so not much new to me here.

ITunes is great because you can just subscrible to your favorite podcasts and it downloads it automatically. Then, you can just plug in your Ipod and you're all set.

Kiss - God of Thunder - Live

Thing 19-Web 2.0 List-Meebo.com

In addition to the sites convered earlier, this one comes in handy with the library's internet customers. Our branch was having a problem with people using the internet terminals for instant messaging. They would download the IM interface to the computer and the staff would then have to remove it. Plus, it was causing a slowdown with the system as a whole. With Meebo.com, the customer can choose any IM program they have without downloading and the resulting slowdown.